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Donna x Fossil

Shannon ZurawskiComment

New Instagram Friends! (but in real life)

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and an account caught my attention. There was a pink "I'm outta here!" case (from my favorite brand Bando) with colorful confetti surrounding it. The caption told the story of a girl named Donna, who was a graphic designer that decided to quit her job and freelance! "HOW COOL!" I thought, and left a comment. From there, we started talking back and forth, and decided to do a collab together! I love her work and all of her blogs are great, so it totally had to happen.

It was so so so fun working with her! Donna was such a natural in front of the camera, and her style is ON POINT. We were featuring her new Fossil bag and watch; I'm basically obsessed with them. This session took place over in the Presidio which was a fantastic location to work, and definitely a needed break from the beach! I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll always be all about the beach... but it's fun to branch out. (Pun slightly intended because trees/forest lolol)

Check out some of Donna's work at @sheselle or at !