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Hey, hi, hello! i'm Shannon.


Hiking, adventuring, driving, exploring new places, rain, snow, twilight and dawn, practicing yoga, puppies, confetti, the beach and watching waves roll in, meeting new people, listening to stories, learning, reading, being organized, waking up with more time to sleep in, Disneyland, the color cerulean, feeling small among the trees, road trips, and most importantly free food.


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View the Holiday Brunch!

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Let me introduce myself...

Most days you can find me practicing yoga, out exploring, or stopping strangers on the street to pet their dog. I am an explorer, a reader, a loving girlfriend, and an expert at hide and go seek. My two favorite places are Fort Funston, and anywhere amongst the tall trees, fresh air, and a camera in my hand. There is just something about being on the open road to explore a new place that just gets me so excited. I'm a strong believer in working hard, having fun, and being true to yourself. I love Taylor Swift, adorable puppies, and eating chicken nuggets.

Looking through my view finder, I'm transformed into a whole different world; a place where the only thing I care about is right in front of me. My mind focuses and is ready for whatever comes at me, constantly flowing with new ideas with every click. Ever since I have been a little girl, I have always loved the way you can freeze moments in time and keep them forever. My favorite thing is flipping through old pictures and going back to the moments I cherished dearly, which is something I want to do for everyone I photograph. I strive to capture the moment exactly how it happens, so they too, can keep those moments forever.

what do I like to photograph?

Weddings - I love people. I love stories. I love love. My favorite is when people tell me stories about their love. Weddings, to me, are the most fun to photograph. The organized chaos getting ready, the way he looks at her for the first time with eyes overflowing with love, the roar of the crowd when they lean in for their first kiss. I love the venues, and all of the time and effort that was put in to make sure everything looks just right. And the toasts. Oh, the toasts are my favorite. They always produce the best stories and laughs. I want to capture all of it. My goal is to go in and take beautiful images of your day, while looking for new ways to make them unique and special for you, so you can go back and cherish those memories forever.

Portraits - I enjoy portraits and getting to know people on more of a one on one level. I'm always asking questions throughout the shoot to find more about you as a person, so I can help portray that in your images. I'm not afraid to sing and dance and tell you funny (and not very funny) jokes to get you to crack a beautiful, genuine smile. 

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