Ever since I was little, I always loved taking pictures. When I would hang out with my dad, he would have a new disposable camera waiting for me to create something special with. Once I finished the roll, we would go to Target and get them developed, and then look at the memories we made together. When he passed away in 2009, I was left with the little moments I captured in that little box of plastic. I was able to remember his raspy laugh and the plunk of fishing bob as it hit the lake; the long scenic drives up to my uncle's house in the mountains, and going kayaking with my old dog Scruffy. That's what ultimately made me fall in love with photography – I was given the ability to freeze those moments and hang onto them for the rest of my life. I bring this idea with me into every session and wedding.

How it all began

What I'm all about

I've been described as a big ball of sunshine. I laugh too loud, dance too much, and despite being small (5'2) I have a lot of energy to share with the world. When I'm not busy photographing weddings or in front of my computer editing, you can catch me watching dog videos, hanging out at a (cold SF) beach, trying to find the coolest wine bars/sandwich shops in the city, or planning my next vacation. It's always the best day when I do those things with my best friend Brandon. Everything is 100% better with him by my side and I'm so so lucky to call him mine.

I've done tons of weddings over the last three years, and I only fall more and more in love with them every time. I'm so lucky that my job entails going to celebrations, and hanging out with the coolest couples in the world to photograph their story.

I love to serve my couples by being their friend, not a vendor. I'll go above and beyond to celebrate with you, grab you a glass of champagne, fix your dress so it looks amazing in the photos, help pin boutonnieres when the guys are getting ready, and just completely be there for you the whole day. I promise to make your wedding way less stressful, because you can trust me to have every single thing handled, and captured beautifully while doing it. You will never have to focus on me, you'll just have to focus on having the most fun you possibly can. Which is what all weddings days should be.

5 Fun Facts About Me

1. I don't like or drink coffee, hate eggs and I've NEVER had a peanut butter + jelly sandwich!
2. I have the same birthday at Taylor Swift! (Speaking of T-Swift, I bought fake tickets to her last concert and had to cry my way in! Thankfully the gate lady was an angel and let me go in anyway!!)
3. I once hid for 3.5 hours during a game of hide and seek! I only came out because I had to go to the bathroom.
4. I basically never watch TV. Don't have one in my room, and don't really care for it that much.
5. Those dogs in the picture on this page are not my dogs. I met them on a hike and the owner asked if I wanted to take pictures with them. Of course I said yes.

Did we just become best friends?

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You aren't a professional model – but you're a professional at your relationship. You know how to make your babe laugh, where their tickle spot is, and can lovingly tease them until no end. You're world champs at cuddling on the couch, have perfected forehead kisses, and your fingers fit together perfectly, because that's where they belong. I don't need you to be models, I just need you, to be you. 

I create a safe space for my couples to be 100% comfortable in front of my camera, because that's when the true magic happens. I strive to capture your relationship and love – just the way it is. I'm not going to pose you into things that you feel awkward. That's not what I'm about. Instead I gently guide you into something that feels natural, with lots and lots of movement. We'll play games, I'll tell horrible jokes, and we'll have the best time together. Pinky swear.

The Philosophy

– Stiff and overly posed images 
– Dark churches and artificial light
– Super traditional weddings that follow everything by the books
– People who are just "looking for someone with a camera to take pictures"
– Over the top weddings that lack warmth and personality
– Couple's who don't want to be friends with their photographer
– Anyone who says "I hate dogs" (??????)
– Copying a Pinterest board pose for pose
– Bride-zillas

+ Natural light and golden hours
+ Travel, everywhere and anywhere with sun
+ Bride & Grooms who want to do their wedding, their way
+ People who know how to party, and will dance the night away
+ Couples who love the details but won't agonize over them
+ Lovers who are obsessed with each other
+ Dogs, dogs, and more dogs
+ First looks 
+ Bride-chillas