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Hey everyone!

Recently, I had to go out and look for a new job. Alcatraz won’t work with my school schedule for the next 11 weeks so I basically had to find something new in less than three weeks before my next quarter started. Kind of a scary, but an exciting experience none the less. All of the jobs I’ve ever gotten have been pretty easy to get. For my first job at Hollister, I went in, applied in store and picked a time for my interview. It was the only store I applied to, and got the job shortly after my interview. For my next job at Zumiez, I just went in only looking for Vans socks, and asked out of curiosity if they were hiring since they were a new store. I was added to the group interview list, showed up, interviewed, and got that job too. While working at Zumiez, the director of retail for Alcatraz came into my store and I helped him out. He said that he liked my customer service, and I should come work for him. Since it was almost holiday season, I declined his offer because as a first assistant manager, I wasn’t just going to leave right before the busiest time of year. Late December, the director emailed me and offered me the opportunity again. I thought, okay I’ll at least go interview, might as well. I ended up getting that job as well. 

Never had to write a cover letter, didn’t have to show a resume, and I barely even filled out an application. (When Zumiez hired me, they said they couldn’t find my application online, because I wasn’t told to fill one out, just come for the interview. I had to fill one out after I already got the job lol) 

This time was completely different, I had absolutely no one knocking on my door just offering me job positions. But, I learned sooo much about the day I went out looking. I thought I would share my experience and 3 tips incase anyone else was looking for a job!

1. Do your research! Why do you want to work there?

Working as a manager in retail for over three years now has really showed me the process behind getting a job. Pretty much be ready to answer “why do you want to work here?” Not only would I ask this when people came in the store to apply, but I was asked this by all three of the stores I went into while job searching. (Lulu Lemon, Blue Line Pizza, and Apple) Have a good answer. Do you love the products? Do you love the message behind the brand and what they stand for? Are you born to help people and give them great customer service? Know what the brand/store is all about so you can show the manager you know what you’re talking about. For example, when I went into Lulu Lemon, that was the first question they asked me. I told them that I love yoga, customer service, and loved the fact that the company cares about who you are as a person, rather than just your resume. All things you can find on their website/while applying for the job! And when the brand matches up with things you actually enjoy, the better your answer can be. And for the love of god, DO NOT SAY “Idunno, I just want a job/money.” NO. Honestly, when people would say that to me or any of my other managers, they basically had no chance. Stores don’t want to hire you because you want money. They want people who will be great workers and support the brand. 

2. Go in and show your face!

This is honestly tied for the number one spot. A lot of the time, jobs will get tons of applications, and who knows when they’ll have time to even look at them. Your best bet is to go in and talk to people. They can ignore your application online, but they can’t ignore you when you’re standing right in front of them. (And if they do, you probably don’t want to work there lol) If I didn’t go in and talk to Apple, I honestly wouldn’t have gotten the job. I applied and heard nothing back from them, which I was told would probably happen for a while. It took my friend 3 weeks to get an email back, and I honestly didn’t have the time to wait for that. I went into apple and told them I was there to meet with a manager to put a face to my resume and just check in. It ended up that there was a hiring event the next morning, and I was asked if I wanted to come (after they asked me why I wanted to work there lol). I went to the event with 40 other people, and then was called back for a second interview an hour later. They were trying to hire people ASAP, and if I wasn’t at the event they probably would have hired up from those people alone. (I’m assuming, I have no idea though.) But anyway. I went for the second interview 2 days later and got a call the next morning letting me know they were offering the position! Super exciting. Going in does wonders, I swear. 

3. Smile, be excited and super positive! Also, bring resumes.

You need to show these people you’re hella cool and make them want to hire you. If you go in and you’re whatever, why would they want to hire you? Just think of the first meeting as a first impression of your customer service. You want to be happy, positive, and smile a ton. If they like you right off the bat, you have an even better chance of getting the job. (Also, because you did your homework, you’re giving great answers, and you’re standing in front of them. Why would they not hire you?) 

Also, the stores seemed way more interested in me after they saw my resume. At Blue Line Pizza, I went in and asked if they were hiring. They asked me what position I wanted to work, and I told them I have 0 food experience at all, so host and then work my way up because I would love to be a server. I asked if he wanted to see my resume, and after he looked at it he told me to fill out an application and then we would go chat. He asked me a few questions, and then asked me when I’d like to come in for my second interview! (Didn’t even know that our chat was the first interview, but I wasn’t complaining.) Then, later in the week he called me back and just offered me the position without a second interview! I was honestly so surprised because I had no prior skills in the food business, but what I did have on my resume definitely helped me out.


And there you have it! I hope you found it helpful and can use some or any of tips while on your search for your next new job. Let me know what you all think or how it goes! (:




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