Callan | Marin County

My wonderful friend Callan. We found each other on Instagram a while ago, and I immediately knew I wanted to shoot with her when I read her bio – “Short people can model too.” Since I’m 5’2, I needed more people in my life with short people problems like me. 

Soon, we started talking and planned our shoot! Our first one was at Land’s End. It was my first time working with an official experienced model, and it was so much fun! She knew how pose, her good angles, and was so fun to work with. We kept in touch and planned more shoots later.

Over time, we became good friends, and she is forsure one of my favorite people hands down to collab with. Plus, it always gave me an excuse to go across the bay and find some new locations to add to my portfolio. I learned that she’s a HUGE warriors fan (and we kept up on the score during this shoot, of course!) has a bunch of cats, and the biggest heart. 

She told me she was moving to LA, and we planned another shoot in the bay before she left. We got Thai food for lunch, and then hung out at the Sausalito boat docks. The weather was perfect, there was a little bit of wind, plus nice light. All of the shots from above are from there!

Then, we moved on to our next locations…

We drove up to the Marin Headlands and hung out hear the bridge. I’ve never been up there on a nicer day! Normally it’s way too windy, and freezing, but that day there was only a slight breeze which completely worked in our favor. We both agreed that this is our favorite shoot, and I am so glad we did it!

That day, we decided that if she was able to get tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream, she would buy me one and I would come down to visit her. AND SHE GOT THEM! I’m so excited to go. When I found out about it a few months ago, they were only supposed to stay for one month, and it got extended towards the end of the year. Everyone I talked to said it was incredibly difficult to get tickets, but she made it happen! <3

Callan, I’m going to miss you being a short drive away, but I am so excited for your new LA adventures. I know you’re career is going to take off even more down there, and I can’t wait until I see you in all of the big movies and I can yell “THAT’S MY FRIEND!!!” 

See you soon my friend (:

<3 Shannon

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