Kris + Phil | Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Bridge + Baker Beach

Ohhhhh my gosh, I feel like I could honestly just write a whole novel about them!!!!! They reached out via a referral from a friend that I met through working at Apple, which made me so happy. All my Apple friends are amazing, and all of their friends are awesome as well!

From our very first email together, I KNEW we would be fast friends! I love clients like this, who feel like they’ve connected with me and already know me. I think there’s a huge benefit to connecting to your photographer and caring about being friends. I always get significantly better images with people who actually want to be friends versus people who don’t care about who’s taking pictures, they just need them done. When we’re more comfortable with each other, you’re literally going to look a million times more comfortable in your photos! You won’t think “okay who is this girl and why is she all up in my grill” you’re going to think “aww look, my friend is capturing our love and I feel amazing right now in front of the camera.” I think it’s amazing!

But back to our session! We planned my longer engagement session (which is actually my most popular, and my favorite!). We picked three different locations around the city, that are completely different from one another, and adds a lot of variety to their images! (They were all within 10 minutes. AMAZING.) We started off at the Palace of Fine Arts, and made our loop there! Thankfully there weren’t toooo many people around, which was really nice! I love shooting on weekdays to avoid crowds. Once we were done with that magic, they had a specific location near the Golden Gate Bridge that they loved! It was my first time at that spot, and I’m so happy they suggested it! If you have a location in mind that you’d want to shoot at, but don’t know if it’ll work out, just let me know and I can do some research on it and see! No recommendation is a bad one, so feel free to hit me with them! After that, we moved on to Baker Beach where we ended our session.

One of the biggest reasons I love my Adventure Forever package (2-3 hour session depending on locations, and driving distance! Inquire for more info!) is because it gives us a ton of time to feel comfortable and get amazing pictures. Sometimes things can feel a little awkward when we’re first starting to warm up, but after an hour or so you’re SOOOO good in front of the camera! I don’t have any pictures of “real models” on my website, they’re all just real people. But really, I ask my clients all the time if they’re models because they KILL IT! Now, I’m not saying you’re going to feel awkward and get horrible pictures if we just do an hour session. But, it’s a way different experience to go through an extended session, and the pictures at the end are ALWAYS my favorite! Soooo… I do highly recommend it (; Want more info on pricing and what’s included? Reach out here!

Okay! Enough of me talking – go look at this cuties!!!!




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