Katie + Chris | Legion of Honor + Land’s End San Francisco

Katie + Chris are just the best! I had SO much fun at their engagement session!!!! They picked to do my longer engagement session (which are 100000% my favorite!) and we went to Legion of Honor and Land’s End for it. When we got to the Legion of Honor, they were closed which actually worked out really well because there wasn’t anyone there! (Which also saved me time in photoshop haha) I loved that they brought a ton of clothing options for our sessions, and everything they had complemented each other and the scenery so well. I couldn’t stop telling them how good they looked! hahah.

It was a little windy when we got to Land’s End, but it really worked out for us! I always like when it’s windy because it’ll make your dress and hair flow everywhere which is amaaaazing for photos with all that movement! All of Katie’s outfits were amazing for this. We started up in the trees with their first outfit, and hit all the cool spots around there. Then we paused for them to change into their second outfit so we could go down to the rocks and the bath! Land’s End is really cool because it’s super diverse within the area! There’s a lot of different backgrounds to choose from, and they’re all pretty. (:

Also! Just to talk about the weather for a second– it was obviously cloudy their whole session, and I just wanted to say clouds are just as cool as sun! haha. I know a ton of people always want that super sunny golden hour situation, but I think photos on overcast days are just as pretty. For me, it’s always more about the couple’s and their emotions versus just relying on a sunny day to make pretty pictures. There’s also a few benefits to cloudy days that you might not have thought of! For one, there’s always less people out when it’s not the “perfect” 70 degree sunny day, so the backgrounds of your photos are going to look super clean without little people back there! (with less people, that also means more parking!) When it’s sunny and there’s a million people out, it gets hard to find spots that will work and avoid a ton of people. ANNND, we can shoot any direction because the light is good everywhere. When the sun is out, I shoot with your back to the sun 99% of the time, and compensating for that is more of my focus. So yeah! haha just wanted to throw those two things out there so thanks for reading along if you did.

Yay! Thanks so much for reading this, and I hope you enjoy the photos!

<3 Shannon


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