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The day is FINALLY HERE everyone!!! I am so so excited that my new website is finally live! This process started about 6 months ago, when I started my branding journey and has evolved from there. At first, branding was just my main objective, and didn’t even think to do my website. But, I decided I’m going to go big in 2018 and redo my whole site from scratch. Look out for the BTS on the creation of my website, but for now you can read all about my branding journey!

Why I decided to get branded:

I didn’t have a brand. I didn’t know what my business stood for, and had zero direction for where I wanted to go, or who I wanted to work for. I picked a font off of a website, downloaded it, and typed my name out. That was basically my brand. Since I went to art school, and took a graphic design class as an elective, I had a small sense of how to make things look okay. But I’m a photographer, and no way a graphic designer at all.

When I went to a workshop last year, it was recommended by the photographer teaching that I should explore getting branded, because my work was at the point that it would be beneficial. She told me how I could reach more ideal clients, with clear messaging and visuals that were directed towards them. Sign me up for that – I was done being a general photographer who was specializing in everything. I knew I wanted to start working with more couples who are on the adventurous side, who are getting married outdoors. That’s where my heart is really at. I researched tons of graphic designers, checked out their portfolios, and got different quotes. Through my research, there was one designer in particular that I kept comparing everyone to, and ultimately decided to go with her!

Her name is Bonnie, and she is the incredible creative from B is for Bonnie Design. She’s AMAZING. I chose her not only because her work was great, but she also provided more value, in my opinion. During my search, people were giving me quotes for just “logo, business card, website, etc.” Bonnie was going to provide the visuals, and also help me back them up with strategy. She was the one stop shop of branding, and I knew she would be perfect to make my vision come to life. I loved working with her because she really got to know who I was as a person and what I wanted my brand to represent so she could best craft the visuals to connect with those clients I loved most! I honestly can’t say enough good things about working with her, so if you’re considering a full rebrand, or a refresh, don’t hesitate to get in touch!!

These are some of the things she created for me!



What I wanted my branding to represent, and how I wanted it to feel:

I really wanted something that felt approachable, down the earth, with hand drawn elements incorporated throughout. I wanted my brand to feel like it had personal touches, like something I could have written out or signed myself. This was so important to me, because I wanted my brand to feel warm, and inviting (as my name suggests), and I didn’t want my logo and font to just be another generic one that everyone else was using.

I love to be friends with my couples beyond their wedding – I don’t want to just be a vendor they hire to check a box off their list. I want to create connection, capture authentic emotions by making my couples feel comfortable. And to start making them comfortable with who I am and what I represents, all starts with my branding.

Favorite thing about my branding:

My favorite thing about my new brand, is my whole cohesive new look!! Like I mentioned earlier, I had no branding at all. Now, I have a full on, well thought out brand. I love that I have a logo, and a pattern, color pallet (that isn’t just black and white, which is what my old one was) and symbols to put everywhere that scream SUNSHINE SHANNON. I think my branding is absolutely perfect for me.

And that’s all for now everyone! Stay tuned, I’ll be going behind the scenes of making my website soon!

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